Why We Love Radio

Hello everyone! Today we would love to talk about why we love radio so much. Radio is a media source that many people claim might be “outdated” with new sources like Spotify and Pandora, but we hold on to the one thing that radio can do better than any online source can: be local. We live and breath right here in Grant County with our listeners, which means we eat the same food, get stuck in the same traffic, and experience the same weather. Creating Community is more than a buzz phrase for us; we really take it to heart. Every interaction we have and every remote broadcast we are a part of, we love to communicate with the community and really take advantage of being real and here (rather than a syndicated program).

News is another aspect of being local that can set us apart from other stations, and it’s yet another reason we love being a part of radio– we get to connect with you by keying you in on local, daily news from our fantastic news team. “We put a lot of work into bringing our listeners the most information in the best possible way,” -David Horner, news director at 94.3 The Fortress. David, Jaren, and the rest of the news team have assigned days to cover the news, and they put their all into making sure YOU get the most accurate local news.

Overall, we are so glad to be a part of this community and to interact with all of you. We want to Create Community everywhere we go, in every encouragement we give on air, and through our local news. Thank you to Grant County for letting us be a part of your lives and to Veterans across America on this wonderful day!