The Month of Giveaways

Hi Grant County! Here at the Fortress, we are really starting to get into the giving season. Even though Christmas is still a while away, and Christmas music is still a few weeks away, we get so excited about the holiday season that we overflow– with giveaways! Make sure to be tuning in all this month as well as checking emails and social media for a heads up on when the giveaways will be. We’ve already given away Macbeth tickets, Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant Christmas Concert tickets, Ryan Stevenson concert tickets, and multiple hit Christian books and CDs! Stay closely tuned to The Fortress the rest of the month as we have Zach Williams and Finding Favour tickets, (as well as 2 special VIP tickets), The CSA Performance of the Nutcracker tickets, Marion Philharmonic Orchestra tickets, and Max Lucado books on the way.

We appreciate our listeners loyalty and encouragement, and we hope to be a trustworthy source to make YOUR day! If that means giveaways at least a few times a week, we will do that. Let us know what sort of prizes you would like most by texting us at (765) 677-6612. Remember that you can also text that number if you have a specific song request. Feel free to ask for a shout out as well! We want to create community and be your local Christian station all year long, so we try our best to fit your needs and wants while bringing you Biblical encouragement (and maybe even a few laughs!) Happy Monday everyone, from us to you!