The Middle Returns

Ahh, The Middle. The family friendly (for the most part) show about a regular family living in Indiana, getting through daily slip-ups. It’s been running for 7 seasons, and it’s coming back May 2nd! We can’t wait to curl up with some popcorn and watch Axl, Sue, and Brick get into more trouble with Mom Frankie and Dad Mike. If you’ve never watched the show, it’s an average family with kids who have highly exaggerated personalities. If you’re like me, you see a little bit of each kid in your own family, which makes it that much funnier! Axl is extremely lazy and unmotivated, but somehow finds his way to the finish line every episode. Sue is organized to a tee, but is extremely dorky (and doesn’t realize it.) Brick is the youngest sibling, with a little glitch that makes him whisper certain words after saying them. All three are oddballs in their own right, parented by a mom who cares too much and a dad who seems to not care enough! It all adds up to a hilarious night in. Although it is a family show centered around family struggles, be warned: there are a few “da** it!” and “what the he**” moments. Other than that, the show is great about staying away from anything sexual or violent, and always ends up with some really good (general) moral values in the end. Check it out Tuesday, May 2nd on ABC at 8pm!