Take Your Kids to Work Day

Take your kids to work day is coming up! Thursday April 27, make sure to bring your children with you to work, wherever that may be. If your boss hasn’t made this announced to the office or workspace, ask them about it! It’s so important for your kids to get to see where it is that Mommy and Daddy go all day while they are at school. It also gets them excited for the ‘grown up world’, and can inspire conversations about why school and education are important things! It may seem like a hassle, but most schools will let you pull your child out for at least a half day in order for them to have this valuable experience. They will never forget it! Whether you work in an office space, at a radio station, or in a warehouse, your kid will enjoy spending the day with you. They might even have some fun insights about your job that you had forgotten! If you get a lunch break that you can go off site, take your kids out and discuss what they thought, what they want to do when they grow up, etc. These conversations are so important to keep your child with a dream in their heart and a focused mind. It’s also a fun idea to let your son or daughter dress ‘like you’ for the job. If you are a firefighter, see if you can borrow a helmet for the day for them to wear around. If you’re a police officer, print them off a fake badge online! If you are a teacher, swing by the dollar store and grab them a pair of fake glasses to wear into YOUR classroom. It can be a fun day if you get permission early (ask today!)