Sports Review: Indiana Wesleyan University Game

It was a cold Saturday on which spectators and fans from all over Grant County came to watch the Indiana Wesleyan Wildcats take on Saint Francis on the basketball court. Tension was high and fans were nervous as the close game continued to be a nail biter with every play. The whole game was an edge of your seat adventure, but the moment that changed everything happened right at the buzzer…Bob Peters of Indiana Wesleyan University tossed a lucky 3 pointer into the air and saved the game, winning it for the Wildcats. Commentators on the sidelines said “For a moment there it looked like Bob was going to step out of bounds, and he says ‘this one’s for Machaela'” (his girlfriend). An incredible game with some serious talent on both teams was played on Saturday, and I think we can all join in with a hearty “I-WOO” cheer! Here’s the link to that buzzer beater shot. Check it out!