In the Hands of the Master

What are your plans today? What are you going to do? What are you hoping doesn’t happen? Answer these questions to yourself and then reflect on how much control you really have. You were going to go to Starbucks? What if they’re closed? You were going to garden? What if a storm blows through? You were hoping that annoying relative didn’t stop by? What if they do? The truth is, for better or for worse, we as humans have such limited control. We like to look at our life and take credit for the good things (I graduated, I got married, I have a great car) but blame God or ‘bad luck’ for the negative things (I blew a tire, a family member is sick, I failed that test.) We can help with certain factors in our lives, like studying for a test or checking our tires in advance, but a huge part of our lives need to be handed over to the Lord, in the Hands of the Master. He holds us tight and His will is always for great things, for His glory. No matter what your plans and circumstances are today, whether they hold up or not, just know that God holds the whole world in his hands.