Format Shows: The When and How

Here at The Fortress, we love our special format shows: Fortress Remixed, Soul Food, and Fortress Throwbacks. Each has a unique way of reaching people who prefer different music styles than what our normal format offers! Here is a little bit of information about what each show is about, the DJs who host the show, and the type of music and content you’ll get if you listen in.
Fortress Remixed, hosted by Claire Bianco and Peter Mercer, is a show dedicated to remixing your old favorites and playing all the newest hip hop and up-tempo music. It happens every Tuesday from 6pm-8pm, and it really appeals to the teens and kids in the car. If your child is pushing the envelope in terms of what music they prefer, try introducing them to Fortress Remixed! The music is always clean and uplifting, with crazy beats and new rap trends. Artists featured include OBB, Tedashii, Lecrae, and remixed versions of slower songs by Francesca Battistelli, For King and Country, and MercyMe. The classic segments that Claire and Peter like to entertain with are funny ones; for instance, the show always starts out with a segment called “Mad Libs”, where one DJ gives the other a crazy word and the other has to guess what it means! The guesses are always outlandish (and almost always wrong), but it’s a great way for a quick laugh and vocab lesson! Tune in every Tuesday from 6pm-8pm to get a taste of Fortress Remixed.
Soul Food is a completely original and incredibly uplifting show hosted by Brianna Garr on Wednesday’s from 6pm-8pm. The show features all gospel music, traditional and new. Kirk Franklin, Hezekiah Walker, and Whitney Houston are just a few great artists you can hear during Soul Food. If you’re feeling a bit down, there is nothing quite like a little Soul Food to cheer you up! Brianna likes to keep the vibes sweet and savory by talking about different food recipes each week, which can be found on the Soul Food Pinterest Page with this link:
Brianna has hosted the show since fall of 2015, where she started Soul Food with fellow DJ Navar Watson. Navar is now a journalist and has since graduated, but Brianna carries on the tradition that so many people in Grant County love and cherish. Tune in Wednesday nights from 6pm-8pm for some serious Soul Food!
Feeling nostalgic? Abby Hergert and Jack Cummer, both staff members of the Fortress, host Fortress Throwbacks on Thursday nights from 6pm-8pm. A fan favorite, this show features all your feel-good favorite Christian hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s. Fortress Remixed holds all the best oldies, from artists like Amy Grant, The Newsboys, DC Talk, and Benny Hester. No matter what age were the “good ol’ days” for you, you’ll find it on Fortress Throwbacks. Abby and Jack’s trademarked segment during the show is “things you didn’t know existed.” Whether that be countries, people, recipes, classes, religions, or anything else, Abby and Jack have your back! Tune in for some fun banter between old friends, as well as some fun tunes that you haven’t heard for a while! Abby and Jack will keep the hits rolling from 6pm-8pm every Thursday night, so make sure to tune in.