Finding Favour and Zach Williams Concert Recap

In case you missed it, Finding Favour and Zach Williams were in Hartford City at The Lighthouse Church performing a Christmas concert! We gave away 3 pairs of tickets (4 general admission and 2 VIP), and we heard that the concert was amazing. Finding Favour and Zach Williams both were very personal with the crowd, and incredibly welcoming at the Meet and Greet. We are so honored to be able to give away tickets to such fun events!

The setlist for the concert included a great blend of classic Christmas songs to get the crowd in the spirit last Sunday, as well as a mix of some of their best hits, a testimony from the artists, and more. Chainbreaker was a hit from Zach Williams, breaking through to the top of the charts in Christian music this month. Finding Favour also performed hits like “Be Like You” and “Cast My Cares.”

Our VIP tickets winner texted us after the concert, saying “I want to thank you all again for this amazing night at the concert. It was so amazing; I had a blast and the meet and greet was really fun.” Reviews all around for the concert were positive, claiming that the band made the performance feel really special. It sounds to us that the Christmas concert in Hartford City this weekend was a total hit.