Dear Younger Me

One of the hottest songs on Christian charts right now is the new hit by MercyMe, “Dear Younger Me.” You can hear this song by tuning in to 94.3 The Fortress, by visiting and hitting the “Listen Now” tab, or by downloading our smartphone app to listen on the go!

Lead singer Bart Millard talked in an interview with Christian Today about how it was the hardest song he has ever had to write! We all have mistakes and painful moments in our lives that we wish we could take back, but Millard tragically lost his brother back in 2004 and says he never really got over that. He finally went to counseling, and the therapist opened up his past and childhood, which revealed a flood of emotions and painful memories (including an abusive home) that Millard wishes he could change, inspiring the song “Dear Younger Me.”

Millard felt like the damage had been done and he was so messed up, but was encouraged to raise his own son Charlie in a Christian environment that would be something he could look back on and be proud of. In looking at his son Charlie, Millard realized that there are so many lessons that the older him would say to the 8 year old him, and this took him on a journey of discovering what he would change…or whether he would change anything at all.

Tune in this week to be encouraged by the song “Dear Younger Me.”