Creating Community Through Radio

Dr-PerryRadio is NOT dead! Or in the words of Mark Twain, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” If you listen to some, radio is going the way of the record player, 8 track player and the Walkman. In this day of Spotify and Pandora, we are very aware that you can listen to Christian music from a variety of sources other than The Fortress. But, we think there is much to be said about local radio and local deejays contributing to the life of the community. This is the reason why The Fortress is committed to Creating Community. Marion and Grant County have many churches and a strong faith community, but we are so often busy that we don’t always know what each other is doing. Our hope at The Fortress is that as you tune in to listen to uplifting Christian music, you also hear and are challenged to what is happening in the community. For instance, coming up in less than two weeks is the Walk-A-Mile In My Shoes fundraising event for the Grant County Rescue Mission. This is a wonderful opportunity to create community by raising money for an important and worthwhile ministry. The Fortress will be there broadcasting live to be a part of this community event. Radio is far from dead; in fact, The Fortress is alive and eager to work with you to Create Community.

Mark Perry is the faculty advisor for 94.3 The Fortress.