Our Mission

by Tim Tedeschi

View More: http://awsnap-photo.pass.us/943-spring-2016We hold our weekly Fortress staff meeting every Tuesday afternoon, and one of my jobs as general manager is to print agendas of what we will be talking about. The top of the agenda has said the same thing all year, and has been there long before I began in September:

VISION – Always keep the vision in mind! How does what you do help shape and further our mission? How does your area contribute to creating community?

A few months ago, we realized something.  We couldn’t fully describe what “the vision” was.  We say we are fully committed to creating community, but what does that look like when its more than just a tagline our DJs say?

This began a weeks-long process of narrowing down our values and a new mission statement.  We set aside 15 – 20 minutes at the beginning of those Tuesday staff meetings to talk about what our strengths were, what our weaknesses are, and what we desire to be as a station.  The result is the brand new 94.3 The Fortress Mission Statement:

94.3 The Fortress is a community-focused Christian music radio station that provides educational opportunities for college students and serves our community through authentic, life-giving communication.   

This new mission statement has replaced the “vision” section on our weekly agendas, and we hope that it is more than just words on a page for us.  Our desire is that we examine the things we do by the standard spelled out in this mission statement, and we look forward to exploring exactly what all the different parts of this mission statement mean to us in the future.