After Weekend Movie Review

Our last post was all about what we were excited to see…and now we would like to go over some more controversial movies in an attempt to guide you in whether you should see them!

XXX: Return of Xander Cage: the good news is, the mission is to “save the world”. The other good news is, the only spiritual content is Christian spirituality, showing a funeral in a church as well as a conversion. However, this movie is far from the Focus on the Family type Christian content. The sexual content, as evidenced by XXX in the title, is rampant. Scenes show as much as they can while still being rated PG-13. None of the sexual content seems to have a reason, either, or a moral lesson learned. There is also references to homosexuality amongst Xander’s team. Most women throughout the movie can be found in fairly skimpy or revealing clothing. Moving on from that, the movie is certainly action packed, with maybe the longest gap between battle scenes being 5 minutes. Many named and unnamed characters are killed in the movie. Many of the deaths aren’t clean, either (hint hint: a boat bashes into someone’s body). We also witness a group of lions eating a human. The F-word is used once, as is permitted for a PG-13 movie, but other profanities stream pretty constantly from the characters, especially in action scenes. Characters do not shy away from alcohol and other substances. Thievery is shown in a positive light, with a Robin Hood-esque feel at one point in the movie. Overall, this movie seems to be strewn together to satisfy an immature mind, and is one we at the Fortress would not recommend.

Split: this movie is intriguing to all, Christian or not, because it shows a man with split personalities kidnapping three girls. We all, in this fallen world, have peaked interests when it comes to anything that is this out of the ordinary; and we all want to see the girls escape. The movie makes you sympathize with Kevin, the main antagonist, because of a childhood filled with abuse. Kevin has Dissociative Identity Disorder and has 23 different personalities that flip like a switch inside him. Here’s the good news with this movie: We see that Kevin’s psychiatric counselor, Dr. Fletcher, is a genuinely caring and good person. The girls who are kidnapped also support and care for each other in Kevin’s basement lair. The bad news: the movie really has no Christian views or light in it at all, preferring evolution and an atheistic mindset to anything else. The movie has some dark sexual undertones, and although the girls are never molested, they are asked to wear demeaning clothing throughout much of the movie. One of the kidnapped girls also reveals that she was sexually abused as a child, and this abuse is shown in part in a flashback during the film. Without going into detail, there is an obscene amount of abnormal violence in the movie, as one would expect with a deranged kidnapper. More ‘normal’ violence is also present, with men being shot with guns mid movie. The F-word is used its permitted once for a PG-13 movie during the film, with a lot of cursing going on in scary and intense scenes throughout the movie. This movie is a classic thriller and is excellently shot, directed, and acted. The Fortress would not recommend it to young viewers at all, and even for adults, the saying “Good in, good out” should be taken to heart. Although the movie does not glorify any of the dark happenings in this movie, what we put in our minds and hearts does matter.

Hidden Figures: African American women have been fighting for justice for many years, and this 1961 set flick shows the spirit and strength of 3 of these women in particular. The women work for NASA and are crucial in getting the first rocket to the moon! This movie does a wonderful job of showing how a determined heart and mind can take a person far. Katherine, the main character, has some serious spirit and is not afraid to fight for what she believes is right. Racial inequality is fought in the film, and gives the viewer a glimpse into how life may have been for colored people at that time. Although there are people who are rude and unsupportive of the women, there are others who are pushing them to reach their full potential. Some of the women are dealing with being a single parent along with the other issues they face. All three main characters are strong Christian women, who utilized their faith throughout the movie in hard situations. There is no inappropriate sexual content, as the women hold tight to their faith even in the ‘single life’. There is no violence in the movie either, although we hear about violence and protests happening in other parts of the state. There are instances of crude language, although not to nearly the par that has come to be expected in a film like this (the film is only PG and very appropriate for children.) The Fortress loves this one for all ages! The young ones will have a harder time keeping up with the adult conversation and math equations than anything else. Watch the trailer here!¬†